East Isles Reinsurance, Ltd. (East Isles Re) is a segregated account captive insurance company domiciled in Bermuda. Founded in 2007, East Isles Re is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of W. R. Berkley Corporation, an insurance holding company with operations worldwide. It was created to provide captive solutions to help businesses, organizations, and non-profits manage their risk.

Flexible Segregated Account Programs

East Isles Re specializes in health care captives, also called medical stop loss group captives. In recent years, a variety of external pressures have caused health care costs to rise to the point that is difficult for many companies to provide affordable employee health benefits. As a result, companies are looking for alternative funding strategies.

Large companies have enjoyed the benefits of captive insurance programs for over 50 years. Now, small and midsize companies are looking to do the same, and for many, East Isles Re is the answer.

East Isles Re’s turnkey solutions allow our clients to focus more resources on their business, not their insurance:
East Isles Re offers turnkey cell programs that operate independently
  • Minimal capital requirements
  • Ease of entry and exit
  • Formation of a new legal entity not required
  • Shorter lead time to join
  • Retain control over plan design and risk levels
  • Participation in the financial results of the captive

Why East Isles Re?

East Isles Re has specialized expertise in group captive programs:

  • More than a decade of experience with stop loss group captives
  • Ability to customize programs around individual client needs
  • In-depth knowledge of captive structures
  • Access to full management services
  • Established processes for onboarding, financial reporting, and client services through the entire captive lifecycle
  • Winner of the 2017 Captivator Award for excellence and innovation
  • Hundreds of client companies in captive programs
  • Management services provided by Strategic Risk Solutions, the world’s leading independent captive manager

These programs may not be suitable for all companies. In addition to benefits, there can be risks associated with joining a group captive program. Before joining any risk program, ask your adviser.

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